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VAT INSTITUTE GCC is part of VAT INSTITUTE Group, a company specialized in value added tax (VAT) since 2003 with 15 highly educated and experienced advisors in VAT laws of the European Community based on the EU VAT Directive and alike VAT systems as introduced in many countries all over the world.

With the introduction of a VAT system in de GCC Member States as from January 2018 VAT INSTITUTE has dedicated itself to get fully acquainted with the Unified VAT Agreement of the GCC and the interpretation of this agreement in the local laws of the Member States. At this moment only the United Arabic Emirates (UAE) and Saudi-Arabia (KSA) have published their laws and  the regulations directives.

VAT INSTITUTE GCC offers VAT insight and practical consultancy in many ways, both for companies locally based in the GCC as well as companies from outside GCC who will be facing VAT consequences from their activities in the GCC countries.


Only in moderation the master is revealed. That is why we only focus on VAT. The knowledge and experience of our VAT specialists and the continuous attention for developments in our discipline ensure the quality of our services.


We do not believe in standard solutions. Every client is unique. We adapt our services to the specific needs of our clients. Flexibility also entails that we are available when you need us. Even when this is in short term.


VAT Institute is an independent firm of VAT specialists. We can therefore provide our services independently. This ensures the quality and the integrity of our services.