VAT registration and compliance

In case your company performs VAT taxable supplies of goods and / or services in one of the GCC countries, you may have to register for VAT in those countries even if it is not the country your company is established in. We have many years of experience with VAT registrations in countries all over the world, as well as compliance such as filing VAT returns, cross border sales listings and other related compliance requirements.


Examples of when your company may have to register in another (inside or outside de GCC) country of business are, when you:

  • purchase and sell goods in a GCC country
  • provide services regarding real estate in a GCC country
  • maintain stock in a GCC country and supply goods from the stock
  • provide short term leasing services of means of transport
  • provide admittance to an event in a GCC country
  • provide electronic services in a GCC country

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